J. D. Rutledge

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In-keyboard isometric joysticks can give better pcrforrnancc than mice for mixed typing/pointing tasks. The continuing challcngc is to improve such devices to the point that they arc preferable even for pure pointing tasks. Previous work has improved joystick performance by considering user perception and motor skills. This paper considers the dynamics of(More)
This paper investigates the nature of U.S. business cycle asymmetry using a dynamic factor model of output, investment, and consumption. We identify a common stochastic trend and common transitory component by embedding the permanent income hypothesis within a simple growth model. Markov-switching in each component captures two types of asymmetry: Shifts in(More)
e11563^ Background: A predictive BrCa chemosensitivity assay will facilitate individualized treatment. Unlike older assays, the Microculture Kinetic (MiCK) assay measures active apoptosis. In order to determine the in vitro CS of pt BrCa cells, we tested pt tumor cells (tc) in vitro using the MiCK assay. METHODS Tumor excisions or biopsies were sent to a(More)
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  • 1995
Table 2: Comparison of scheduling overhead with and without variable tracking. All times are in seconds. information. This general technique can be applied uniformly to optimize the simulation of arbitrary models including those containing unclocked feedback and nonunit delay. Our prototype implementation of the simulator uses the SUIF compiler system. We(More)
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