J. D. Russell

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In population-based studies, renal transplantation has been shown to improve survival compared to dialysis patients awaiting transplantation in the United States. However, dialysis mortality in the United States is higher than in Canada. Whether transplantation offers a survival advantage in regions where dialysis survival is superior to that in the United(More)
BACKGROUND Some epidemiological studies have shown that increased iron stores are associated with increased cardiovascular events. Redox-active iron may contribute to lipid peroxidation, endothelial cell activation, and generation of reactive oxygen species (especially hydroxyl radical, via Fenton chemistry). Increased oxidative stress is associated with(More)
Methodologically sound measures of quality of life are required to judge accurately the impact of successful renal transplantation on patient well-being. The time trade-off (TTO) method is a reproducible and valid measure which we used to prospectively assess changes in the quality of life of 27 patients on maintenance dialysis who subsequently underwent(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In this study, we investigated IMRT QA using Statistical Process Control for the purpose of comparing the processes of patient-specific measurements and the corresponding independent computer calculations. MATERIALS AND METHODS Point dose data from the treatment planning system (TPS), independent computer calculations, and physical(More)
PURPOSE To critically review the question of whether calcium antagonists can prevent or attenuate post-ischemic acute renal failure (ARF). PATIENTS AND METHODS Using a computer-assisted search, we identified all experimental and clinical studies published in English between 1980 and 1988 in which the main research question addressed the efficacy of(More)
The purpose of this study is two-fold: first is to investigate the process of IMRT QA using control charts and second is to compare control chart limits to limits calculated using the standard deviation (sigma). Head and neck and prostate IMRT QA cases from seven institutions in both academic and community settings are considered. The percent difference(More)
Chemical hydrolysis of the s-triazines after interaction with less than 2-micron (equivalent spherical diameter) montmorillonite clay occurs as a result of protonation at the colloidal surface; protonation occurs even when the exchange sites are occupied by metallic cations. The adsorbed hydrolytic degradation product is not the hydroxy analog, but it is(More)
Shielding the lens of the eye while treating orbital lymphoid tumors and achieving a relatively homogeneous dose can be a dosimetric challenge. There are many clinical cases of tumors close to one or both eyes, where it is desirable to spare the lens as much as possible. We will show isodose curves comparing direct anterior fields using various electron(More)