J D Purvis

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BACKGROUND Temsirolimus was approved in Europe as first-line treatment of poor-prognosis advanced renal cell carcinoma (advRCC) based on significant clinical benefits. METHODS Patients with advRCC and multiple poor-prognostic factors were randomly assigned to receive 25 mg intravenous temsirolimus weekly, interferon-alpha (titrated to 18 mU) three times(More)
UlSTer HoSpITal Combination therapy in essential hypertension: effects on insulin action of adding low dose thiazide to aCe inhibitor Background: Concern exists regarding metabolic effects of antihypertensive agents. often more than one agent is required to meet blood pressure targets. angiotensin converting enzyme (aCe) inhibitors, which are at least(More)
Accidental trauma associated with an epileptic convulsion in a 10-year-old, male chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) resulted in incomplete paraplegia from fracture and subluxation of T4. Dorsal laminectomy and segmental spinal fixation were used in treatment. The segmental spinal fixation consisted of sublaminar wires attached to a contoured 316L stainless steel(More)
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