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Urinary output of N2-urea, creatinine, uric acid, ammonia and organic and inorganic SO3 were repeatedly examined in healthy vegetarian subjects in Bombay--35 elderly and 2 young. Their routine diet examined for a week indicated an average intake of 56 g proteins (15 g animal) and excretion of about 8 g N2, 0.75 g of SO3 both in young and old subjects. These(More)
Renal functions decline with age. Only after considerable renal reserves are lost, the traditional clinical tests of urine, blood or clearance levels reveal the defect. The urine quantity & contents passed in 24 hrs both by young and elderly, show little differences between the two groups. Their creatinine clearances are also comparable. Earlier Studies on(More)
Average daily excretion of Indican in urine of 42 healthy elderly men, av. age 69.9 +/- 5.0 years, (60 observations) was 60.7 +/- 17.4 mg/24 hrs. This is slightly higher than reported values for younger subjects. Average ethereal S elimination by Indian subjects has varied from 72-150 mg/day. Indican is the chief ethereal S eliminated in urine. Other forms(More)