J. D. Oscar Barceinas-Sánchez

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The effect of surface texturing on the performance of biocompatible ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) as a bearing material has been investigated using the kinematic range of motions reported for a knee-joint replacement. An experimental apparatus consisting of a ball and a disk rotating independently from each other was used to compare the(More)
The incorporation of aluminum acetylacetonate as alumina source during the gelation of titanium alkoxide reduces the nucleation sites for the formation of large rutile crystals on temperatures ranging from 400 to 800°C. As a result, the aggregation of anatase crystals is prevented at high temperature. A relationship among the specific surface area, pore(More)
A CCD or CMOS linear sensor it ́s an essential component in various applications of engineering and consume. In this work we will present the first stage of the design and development of an embedded system for monitoring the angular distribution of the intensity of a laser light. It is presented the purpose of developing this work and it is shown the first(More)
The observation of tribological phenomena occurring in total knee replacement (TKR) simulators may be obscured by the intrinsic complexity of their operation: the dynamics and kinematics prescribed by the ISO 14243-3:2014 standard, and the geometry of the surfaces involved. On the other hand, evaluating the individual performance of the tribosystem elements(More)
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