J D Nutt

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Among 43 monozygotic (MZ) and 19 dizygotic (DZ) pairs in which an index case had definite Parkinson's disease (PD), only one MZ pair was definitely concordant for PD. When pairs with questionable clinical features were included, 4 of 48 MZ and 1 of 19 DZ pairs were concordant. The frequency of PD in MZ cotwins of index cases with PD was similar to that(More)
Because there is biochemical evidence of decreased GABAergic function in Parkinson's disease, sodium valproate, an inhibitor of GABA catabolism, was administered to eight Parkinsonian patients. Valproate treatment did not significantly alter any Parkinsonian feature, but tended to increase the dyskinesia in the "on-off" patients. The increased dyskinesias(More)
Zero concordance for Parkinson disease was found in the first 12 monozygotic twin pairs examined in an ongoing twin study. One co-twin (subject without Parkinson disease) had essential tremor, another had cerebral vascular disease, and a third was an alcoholic. Cigarette smoking appeared to be less frequent in the probands than in the co-twins (11.9 versus(More)
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