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In order to assess the effect of the no-touch isolation technique, in the treatment of large bowel cancers, on the site of first recurrence and disease-free and overall survival, 236 patients were prospectively and randomly assigned to either the no-touch isolation technique (117 patients) or to a conventional resection technique (119 patients). No patient(More)
Clinical and laboratory results are presented of 229 patients treated by highly selective vagotomy for duodenal ulcer in a non-university teaching hospital. Sixty-two per cent of the operations were performed by residents as part of their training. After 1-8 years follow-up (97 per cent complete) there were 22 recurrences (9.6 per cent). The residents had(More)
Chronic recurrent intestinal obstruction due to massive adhesions after abdominal surgery is a complication that is difficult to treat. The records were studied of 25 patients with acute intestinal obstruction due to massive adhesions. Since conservative measurements were unsuccessful, the patients were treated with internal intestinal splinting by means of(More)
Case-report of a "spontaneous" rupture of intercostale muscles between the 7th and 8th ribs on the right side is presented. The case was combined with a herniation of the lung in the defect of the thoracic wall. Surgical treatment consisted of closure of the defect utilizing tissues in the immediate vicinity. Review of frequency, signs and therapy of(More)
A total of 150 patients were treated for parotid tumours over a period of 19 years. In 94 per cent superficial or total parotidectomy was performed. Histological diagnosis of the resected specimen revealed pleomorphic adenoma in 92 patients (61 per cent), Whartin's tumour in 30 (20 per cent), various benign neoplasms in 11 (7 per cent) and malignant tumour(More)
Serum gastrin levels were measured preoperatively and at several intervals postoperatively in 262 patients who underwent highly selective vagotomy for duodenal ulcer. An increase of serum gastrin levels was demonstrated postoperatively in all patients, irrespective of sex, length of history, acid secretion data or recurrence. At several years(More)
A stable metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb is indispensable for a normal grip function of the hand. The joint is stabilized by collateral ligaments. A rupture of the ulnar, collateral ligament is often caused by a sports trauma, as indicated by the denominations "skiërs duim", "goalkeeper's thumb" and "baseball thumb". Many surgeons are not familiar(More)