J. D. Lucente

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An anorectic response occurs following ingestion of imbalanced amino acid (IMB) diets. There are three phases to this response: 1, recognition of the IMB diet; 2, conditioned development of an aversion to the IMB diet; and 3, adaptation. Blockade of peripheral serotonin-3 (5-HT3) receptors or vagotomy attenuates Phase 2 of the anorectic response. We(More)
Both total subdiaphragmatic vagotomy (TVAGX) and serotonin(3) receptor blockade with tropisetron or ondansetron attenuate amino acid-imbalanced diet (Imb) anorexia. Total vagotomy is less effective than tropisetron in reducing Imb-induced anorexia and also blunts the tropisetron effect. With the use of electrocautery at the subdiaphragmatic level of the(More)
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