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MOTIVATION The prediction of ligand-binding residues or catalytically active residues of a protein may give important hints that can guide further genetic or biochemical studies. Existing sequence-based prediction methods mostly rank residue positions by evolutionary conservation calculated from a multiple sequence alignment of homologs. A problem hampering(More)
A study was conducted to assess the psychosocial characteristics of individuals who become involved in large group awareness training (LGAT) programs. Prospective participants in The Forum, which has been classified as an LGAT, were compared with nonparticipating peers and with available normative samples on measures of well-being, negative life events,(More)
Impacts of habitat edges on wildlife populations have received considerable attention, yet few researchers have quantified changes in animal community structure on both sides of an interface between distinct habitats. To gain a better understanding of the ways in which species-specific responses scale up to produce community patterns across habitat(More)
Magna cum laude Dissertation: Modeling the impact of land-use change on ecosystems at the regional and continental scale Thesis: Analyzing the dynamics of a multi-agent simulation with complexity measures (in German) (2015) Simulating urbanization scenarios reveals tradeoffs between conservation planning strategies.
Ptilochronology, the study of feather growth bars, has been used to assess nutritional condition, yet the implementation of this technique can be challenging. This study investigated how a magnification aid and level of experience with the technique affected the variability and accuracy of ptilochronology measurements. The average width of growth bars was(More)
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