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Studies of the structure of blood vessels have commonly found that cells lining the vessels are lengthened in the direction of blood flow, presumably as an effect of shear stress. A study of aortic valves has, however, shown that endothelial cells covering both sides of aortic valve leaflets are arranged across the direction of flow. Aortic valve leaflets(More)
Calcification of bioprostheses used for heart valve replacement is a serious problem, since it causes bioprosthetic dysfunction. In vivo, bioprostheses are subjected to large mechanical stresses during each cardiac cycle. We investigated whether stresses play a major role in calcification of bioprostheses. Previous studies of Carpentier-Edwards porcine,(More)
During normal function of the aortic valve, the aortic leaflets undergo not only cyclic loading and unloading but also cyclic reversal of their curvature. The stresses induced in the leaflet due to these variations have been computed using a new concept based on the structure of the leaflet. Membrane stresses have been related to the pressure difference(More)