J. D. D. Devaraj

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This paper describes an approach to overcome a situation of monitoring and managing a parking area using a vision based automated parking system. With the rapid increase of cars the need to find available parking space in the most efficient manner, to avoid traffic congestion in a parking area, is becoming a necessity in car park management. Current car(More)
This paper investigates the queuing model of priority classes using Triangular fuzzy number with the application of fuzzy set theory. We propose a mathematical programming approach to develop the membership function of the system performance , in which the arrival rates and service rate of two priority classes are used as fuzzy numbers. Based on α-cut(More)
A graph G = (V,E) is called singed cordial (S – cordial) if it is possible to label the edges with the numbers from the set N = {+1,-1} in such a way that at each vertex v, the algebraic product of the labels on the edges incident with V is either +1 or-1 and the inequalities 1 |) 1 () 1 (|     f f v v and 1 |) 1 () 1 (|     f f e e are also(More)
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