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  • Jennifer Johnson MPH, Desirae Roehl, +110 authors Larry Adams
  • 2011
Through adaptation, negative health effects can be prevented. the village of Point Hope enjoys one of the finest locations in Alaska for the harvest of subsistence resources, including fish, marine mammals, birds and caribou. This amazing place has allowed the Inupiat of Point Hope to flourish for centuries, and it is one of the oldest continuously occupied(More)
It is well understood and has been well documented that there is much to gain by using live projects, those that serve a real client with a real problem to solve, in the computer science classroom. However the use of live projects has always come with a variety of obstacles including providing support for the project once it is complete and limiting the(More)
Through adaptation, negative health effects can be prevented. ANTHC would like to thank the residents of Kivalina for their hospitality during our visits and for their assistance in preparing this report. SUMMARY This Climate Change Health Assessment was performed based on requests from tribal health representatives and from local and regional leadership.(More)
OTA Background Papers are documents containing information that supplements formal OTA assessments or is an outcome of internal exploratory planning and evaluation. The material is usually not of immediate policy interest such as is contained in an OTA Report or Technical Memorandum, nor does it present options for Congress to consider. Foreword This case(More)
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