J. D. Chase

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This meta-analysis is a systematic compilation of research focusing on various exercise interventions and their impact on the health and behavior outcomes of healthy African American, Hispanic, Native American, and Native Hawaiian adults. Comprehensive searching located published and unpublished studies. Random-effects analyses synthesized data to calculate(More)
This systematic review applied meta-analytic procedures to synthesize medication adherence interventions that focus on adults with hypertension. Comprehensive searching located trials with medication adherence behavior outcomes. Study sample, design, intervention characteristics, and outcomes were coded. Random-effects models were used in calculating(More)
It is well understood and has been well documented that there is much to gain by using live projects, those that serve a real client with a real problem to solve, in the computer science classroom. However the use of live projects has always come with a variety of obstacles including providing support for the project once it is complete and limiting the(More)
Physical activity (PA) is important in the management of chronic illness among older adults worldwide. Researchers have conducted several intervention studies to increase PA behavior in this population. This review of the past 12 years of relevant PA intervention research among adults aged 60 years and older systematically summarized research findings,(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY To determine the overall effectiveness of interventions designed to increase physical activity (PA) behavior among community-dwelling older adults. DESIGN AND METHODS Comprehensive literature searching identified eligible PA intervention studies among community-dwelling adults aged 65 and older, or sample mean age of 70. Diverse study(More)
Coronary heart disease significantly impacts the morbidity, mortality, and health care economy of our population. Enrollment into cardiac rehabilitation (CR) after cardiac events improves patient outcomes; however, physical activity (PA) behavior decreases significantly in the years following completion of CR. This article reviews the literature regarding(More)
Comparative effectiveness research seeks to identify the most effective interventions for particular patient populations. Meta-analysis is an especially valuable form of comparative effectiveness research because it emphasizes the magnitude of intervention effects rather than relying on tests of statistical significance among primary studies. Overall(More)
The aging adult population is growing, as well as the incidence of chronic illness among older adults. Physical activity (PA) has been demonstrated in the literature to be a beneficial component of self-management for chronic illnesses commonly found in the older adult population. Health sciences research seeks to develop new knowledge, practices, and(More)