J. D. Blacic

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s BRICKS AND CERAMICS. Introduction: A lunar base will require large amounts of dense, strong construction material for thermal and dust control, as well as for radiation protection. Sintered lunar soil, a fine-grained mixture of crushed rock and glass, has been proposed to meet this need [1]. Our research effort [2,3] has focused on practical methods of(More)
Introduction: One of the most fundamental pieces of information about any planetary body is the elemental composition of its surface materials. Most space probes to date have acquired such fundamental geo-chemical data by passive remote sensing at orbital or fly-by ranges of hundreds of kilometers, resulting in relatively low resolution coverage on a(More)
Introduction. Characterization of useable planetary materials will require high sampling throughput. Although remote observations from orbiting spacecraft provide spatially wide coverage, they do not, by themselves, provide sufficient information for materials utilization purposes. On the other hand, active rover-based in-situ analyses can provide detailed(More)
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