J D Bensouda

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This open, randomised, cross-over study compared the acceptance and safety of NovoPen 3 with that of conventional syringes and vials when initiating insulin treatment in 96 NIDDM patients with secondary failure to oral hypoglycaemic agents. These patients had not previously been treated with insulin. All patients used each insulin administration system for(More)
The authors report four cases of methanol poisoning, two of which suffering acute bilateral optic neuropathy which secondarily leads to optic atrophy. The report the main clinical features of such a poisoning and the actual basis of its physiopathology and treatment. According to the four cases reported, they underline the importance of early diagnosis and(More)
Having observed a 22 year old man with a case of acromegalic-gigantism (2,30 m.) whose growth still continued after the ablation of a hypophyseal micro-adenoma, by trans-sphenoidale tract, the authors after making various neuroendocrine comments study from a psychological point of view the myth of the giant which appears to be linked to the myth of origins,(More)