J. Cully Nordby

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Most studies of song learning have been conducted in the laboratory, and thus little is known about how song learning is affected by ecological variables in nature. Taking an ecological perspective, we studied song learning and territory establishment in a sedentary population of song sparrows (Melospiza melodia). We examined the song repertoires of an(More)
HELEN E. FOX,∗‡‡ CAROLINE CHRISTIAN,† J. CULLY NORDBY,‡ OLIVER R. W. PERGAMS,§ GARRY D. PETERSON,∗∗ AND CHRISTOPHER R. PYKE†† ∗Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, PO Box 1346, Kaneohe, HI 96744, U.S.A. †Department of Environmental Studies and Planning, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, U.S.A. ‡Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology(More)
Many invading species impact native species through predation, parasitism or competition, while others affect natives indirectly by restructuring their habitat. How invasive plants affect native animals, and to what extent native animals respond to changes in their habitat and the novel selection pressures that follow, is not well known. We investigated the(More)
Peromyscus californicus are exclusively monogamous in the wild. We examined in the laboratory whether established pairs of male and female P. californicus would remain faithful when given the opportunity to mate with an opposite sex stranger, either in the presence or absence of their partner. When the partner was present she or he was tethered and could(More)
Sharing song types with immediate neighbors is widespread in birds with song repertoires, and sharing songs may confer a selective advantage in some cases. Levels of song sharing vary between different geographical populations of several bird species, and ecological differences often correlate with differences in singing behavior; in particular, males in(More)
Parallels are often drawn between bird song learning and human language learning. The analogies include an early sensitive period for learning, separation of sensory and motor phases of learning, 'innate knowledge' of language or song, and specialized neural systems. Nevertheless, in distinction to human language learning, song learning is usually viewed as(More)
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