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Texture segmentation was studied developmentally in kittens using a two-alternative forced choice jumping stand paradigm. None of 15 kittens tested solved a texture segmentation task based on orientation contrast prior to 83 days of age, despite their rapid acquisition age, despite their rapid acquisition of an analogous luminance-based image segmentation(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the perceived rate of flicker (temporal frequency) observed during visual auras. BACKGROUND The flickering or scintillating quality of aura elements is a commonly described characteristic of visual migraine auras. Hypotheses about the neural mechanisms involved in aura have rarely taken this feature into account, perhaps because of a(More)
Orientation discrimination is a visual task dependent on inhibitory mechanisms in the visual cortex. In this study, orientation discrimination thresholds for bar and grating patterns were measured at two visual field locations in subjects with migraine with (n = 20) and without aura (n = 20) and in migraine-free control subjects (n = 20). No statistically(More)
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