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We have observed 2 immunosuppressed renal allograft recipients with skin lesions induced by human papillomavirus type 5 (HPV-5). One recipient had multiple pityriasis versicolor-like (PV-like) skin lesions on his arms and trunk, and multiple Bowenoid in-situ skin cancers. The other had 2 warty lesions on the back of her fingers. Structural antigens of human(More)
A renal allograft recipient with an epidermodysplasia-verruciformis-like syndrome was found to have human papillomavirus type 5 (HPV-5) in his benign warty lesions and HPV-5 DNA in two of his skin cancers. This finding points to a role for HPV-5 in skin oncogenesis in renal allograft recipients.
A vaccine against hepatitis B surface antigen (Institut Pasteur Production) was assessed in 138 haemodialysis patients in a placebo-controlled randomised double-blind trial. In an interim analysis, hepatitis B infections were observed in 21% of the vaccine group and 45% of the placebo group (p less than 0.02). 2 of the infections in the vaccine group and 12(More)
A vaccine against hepatitis B surface antigen (Institut Pasteur Production) was assessed in staff members from forty-eight French haemodialysis units where the risk of hepatitis B was high. Of 318 subjects who completed the protocol, 164 received three monthly injections of vaccine and 154 received corresponding injections of placebo. Hepatitis B infection(More)
The pharmacokinetics of the hypolipidemic agent, clofibrate have been studied in anuric patients on intermittent hemodialysis. In addition we have tried to determine whether the treatment of hyperlipidemia of chronic renal failure with clofibrate was safe and efficacious. Seven healthy volunteers and five uremic patients received a single dose of 25 mg/kg(More)
Hereditary nephritis associated with hematologic abnormalities seems to be an exceptional occurrence. We have observed a family which nephritis was combined with May-Hegglin anomaly. A girl and her father suffered from proteinuria; a paternal uncle received kidney graft; a paternal grand aunt died on periodic hemodialysis. The girl, the father and the uncle(More)
Comparison between CDC and ADCC in a human allogeneic model using the same cytotoxicity marker, i.e. 51Cr release from labelled target cells, provided a better definition of the optimal technical conditions for revealing ADCC. Testing 229 sera from human renal allograft recipients after transplantation, we found that CDC is detected only during rejection(More)
Periarteritis nodosa was observed in three of 266 persistent hepatitis B antigen (HBsAg) carriers undergoing long-term hemodialysis; no cases of necrotizing vasculitis occurred among 384 other patients undergoing dialysis having either no or transient antigenemia. Circulating e antigen, but no e antibody, was found in two of these three patients. The serum(More)