J. Costa Pereira

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This paper proposes a method for fault detection and replacement of the sensor responsible by the measurement of the burning zone temperature in a rotary cement kiln. The control of the burning zone temperature is crucial for the control of kiln temperature and therefore for the control of the cement quality, pollutant emissions, and consumed energy.(More)
In this work, two alternative methodologies for modeling and predicting gas emissions of NO, NO<sub>2</sub> and SO<sub>2</sub> are presented. The first method involves hard modeling strategies with Parsimonious Multivariate Least Squares (PMLS) assuming simple polynomial functions as base model. The second is a soft modeling approach using Extreme Learning(More)
This study examined students' technical performances improvements in three track and field events (hurdles, shot put, and long jump) following either a Sport Education season or a Direct Instruction unit. An experienced Physical Education teacher taught two classes totalling 47 sixth-grade students (25 boys and 22 girls, aged between 10 and 13 years old) in(More)
This study conducted a comparative analysis of students' knowledge development on athletics in Sport Education and in a Direct Instruction unit taking into account sex and initial skill level. The participants were an experienced Physical Education teacher and two sixth-grade classes totaling 47 students (25 boys and 22 girls). Each class was randomly(More)
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