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Dimming application in high intensity discharge (HID) lamps can affect several lamp parameters such as: lamp life, power factor, color temperature, discharge arc path, among other effects. With the purpose of analyzing the dimming in HID Lamps, a comparative analysis of dimming effects in metal halide and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps is presented in(More)
Nutrition labelling on food products represents an important tool for promoting healthy eating in consumers, and to guarantee transparency and clarity on products' characteristics. In an ideal scenario, consumers' better understanding and subsequently better compliance to nutritional facts would result in healthier choices, which could lead to an improved(More)
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, como parte dos requisitos necessários à obtenção do título de Mestre em Engenharia de Sistemas e Computação. profissionais distintos ou quando ferramentas CASE diferentes são usadas. Este trabalho apresenta o Odyssey-MEC (Odyssey for Model Evolution Control), uma abordagem para fazer o controle de evolução de modelos(More)
Portion size of food and drink products is an important factor when providing nutrition information for food labeling purposes. The present study was conducted in order to understand more about consumer attitudes and understanding of portion size information on food and drink products. An experimental trial was performed on mothers and one of their(More)
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