J. Correa

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BACKGROUND Primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) is a malignant neoplasm that generally arises from bone and soft tissues, with predilection for young adults. This neural crest origin tumors share biologic and histologic features with Ewing's sarcoma (ES). CASE DESCRIPTION We present a case of a 22-year-old woman with history of severe progressive neck(More)
A total of 2,145 pigs were transported for 8 h in summer (six trips) and winter (five trips) using a pot-belly trailer accommodating pigs in four locations (upper deck or UD, bottom-nose or BN, middle deck or MD and bottom deck or BD). Heart rate of pigs during loading and transportation and lactate and creatine kinase (CK) concentrations in exsanguination(More)
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