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This study examined the cognitive functioning of 10 treatment-resistant schizophrenic patients after a minimum of a 1-year trial on clozapine. Results indicated significant improvements on prorated Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised (WAIS-R) Full Scale, Verbal, and Performance IQs and on the WAIS-R Similarities and Digit Symbol subtests. A trend was(More)
Subjects were 156 individuals referred, for psychological and neuropsychological evaluation. The Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS) including the 12h delayed condition of Russell's revision and Warrington's Recognition Memory Test (RMT) were administered as part of each evaluation. Using scores from the RMT subtests: (1) Memory for Words and (2) Memory for Faces,(More)
Although inoculation has established efficacy in conferring resistance to influence for those directly exposed to inoculation pretreatment messages, we argue that inoculation's effects may extend beyond those directly exposed to others via word-of-mouth communication (WOMC) along social networks. Specifically, we argue that inoculation's effects on attitude(More)
Student plagiarism continues to threaten academic integrity. This investigation assessed whether an inoculation message strategy could combat university plagiarism by protecting student attitudes against pro-plagiarism justification arguments. Additionally, we sought theoretical confirmation of previous findings on involvement and accessibility in(More)
Although inoculation messages have been shown to be effective for inducing resistance to counter-attitudinal attacks, researchers have devoted relatively little attention toward studying the way in which inoculation theory principles might support challenges to psychological phenomena other than attitudes (e.g., self-efficacy). Prior to completing a(More)
Inoculation theory, a theory of conferring resistance to persuasive influence, has established efficacy as a messaging strategy in the health domain. In fact, the earliest research on the theory in the 1960s involved health issues to build empirical support for tenets in the inoculation framework. Over the ensuing decades, scholars have further examined the(More)
Inoculation theory offers a framework for protecting individuals against challenges to an existing attitude, belief, or state. Despite the prevalence and damaging effects of public speaking anxiety, inoculation strategies have yet to be used to help individuals remain calm before and during public speaking. We aimed to test the effectiveness of an(More)
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