J. Clement

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The measurement of the impedance of the respiratory system by means of the forced oscillation technique is disturbed by the breathing signal of the subject. The latter introduces systematic and random errors on the obtained impedance values. The size of these errors depends on the relative power of the breathing signal with respect to the forced oscillatory(More)
We analyse the limitation of the amplitude modulation rejection due to the spatial modulation of the output beam of an acousto-optic modulator used in an active laser beam stabilisation system when a frequency modulation of a few megahertz is applied to this modulator. We show how to overcome this problem, using a single mode optical fibre at the output of(More)
The interaction of constant and oscillatory flows in a cylindrical tube was studied theoretically and verified experimentally. The impedance of the tube predicted on the basis of a model dealing with this interaction was in good agreement with the observed values (between 2 and 32 Hz) provided the influence of entrance effects was taken into account. The(More)
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