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This is the description of a 58-year-old female patient presenting 8 months after a horse riding accident with significant pain and inability to walk independently. Imaging revealed a large osseous defect of the lateral tibia plateau which was not united posteriorly. The patient refused knee replacement and we developed a patient specific two-step procedure(More)
Malunion after forearm fractures are described to appear in 2% to 10% of cases. Reconstructive surgeries ensure adequate anatomical repositioning. Their importance derives from the fact that malunion can often lead to severe pain as well as deformities causing loss of function and aesthetic issues not only in the forearm, but also the wrist and elbow joint.(More)
Changes in absolute lung volumes are common in lung disease and result in significant impacts on gas exchange, respiratory muscle function, the sensation of dyspnoea, and limitations to maximal exercise. Though our knowledge regarding the magnitude and determinants of changes in lung volumes in health and disease has increased in the past 20 years, a number(More)
Der klinische Erfolg frischer allogener osteochondraler Allografts (OCA) ist maßgeblich von der Zahl lebender Knorpelzellen zum Zeitpunkt der Implantation abhängig. Da Auswahl und Vorbereitung eines geeigneten Empfängers u. U. viel Zeit in Anspruch nehmen können, ist im Hinblick auf die begrenzte Verfügbarkeit von Gewebespenden die möglichst lange Erhaltung(More)
In this paper, the techniques available for estimating total lung capacities from standard chest radiographs in children and infants as well as adults are reviewed. These techniques include manual measurements using ellipsoid and planimetry techniques as well as computerized systems. Techniques are also available for making radiographic lung volume(More)
PURPOSE The initial goals of rehabilitation after knee injuries and operations are to achieve full knee extension and to activate quadriceps muscle. In addition to regular physiotherapy, an android-based knee training device is designed to help patients achieve these goals and improve compliance in the early rehabilitation period. This knee training device(More)
Changes in absolute lung volumes are an important outcome of many different types of lung disease and dysfunction. Changes in lung volumes are related to lung dysfunction and disease impact on lung mechanics, gas exchange, respiratory muscle function, the sensation of dyspnoea, and tolerance to maximal exercise. An understanding of the physiological(More)
Treatment of fractures associated with fibrous dysplasia is difficult because of poor bone quality. In a brief report we present a case in which a hip prosthesis is connected with the distal part of a broken cannulated intramedullary femur nail. Postoperatively, the patient was mobilized with full weight bearing. Radiographs proved the correct position of(More)
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