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To report keratitis with Elizabethkingia meningoseptica, which occurred in a healthy patient after wearing contact lenses for 6 months. A 24-year-old male patient visited our hospital with ocular pain. This patient had a history of wearing soft contact lenses for 6 months, about 10 hours per day. At initial presentation, slit lamp examination showed corneal(More)
Background. Internet gaming disorder is a pattern of excessive and prolonged internet gaming that results in a cluster of cognitive and behavioral symptoms, analogous to substance use disorder and gambling disorder. Previous studies suggest adolescents with internet gaming disorder, who often play for long periods without eating and sleeping, are(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the relationship between plasma TDRD7 mRNA and lens transparency, and to evaluate plasma TDRD7 mRNA as a potential marker for cataracts and its sub-type by quantitatively analyzing human peripheral blood. METHODS Plasma RNA was extracted from 40 patients with cataracts, and 30 normal controls of matched age and gender. Blood(More)
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