J. Christopher Repa

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The lateral nucleus of the amygdala (LA) is the first site in the amygdala where the plasticity underlying fear conditioning could occur. We simultaneously recorded from multiple LA neurons in freely moving rats during fear conditioning trials in which tones were paired with foot shocks. Conditioning significantly increased the magnitude of tone-elicited(More)
Single-cell activity was recorded in the dorsal subnucleus of the lateral amygdala (LAd) of freely behaving rats during Pavlovian fear conditioning, to determine the relationship between neuronal activity and behavioral learning. Neuronal responses elicited by the conditioned stimulus typically increased before behavioral fear was evident, supporting the(More)
Recent evidence from cerebellum-dependent motor learning and amygdala-dependent fear conditioning indicates that, despite being mediated by different brain systems, these forms of learning might use a similar sequence of events to form new memories. In each case, learning seems to induce changes in two different groups of neurons. Changes in the first class(More)
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