J. Chris Slootweg

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Geminal phosphorus/aluminum-based frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) are easily obtained by hydroalumination of alkynylphosphines. These FLPs can activate terminal acetylenes by two competitive pathways, which were analyzed by DFT calculations, and they can bind carbon dioxide reversibly. Therefore, alongside polyfluorinated boranes, alanes are also ideal Lewis(More)
A general reaction mechanism describes the qualitative change in chemical topology along the reaction pathway. On the basis of this principle, we present a method to characterize intramolecular substituent permutation in pentavalent compounds. A full description of the geometry around five-coordinate atoms using internal coordinates enables the analysis of(More)
Browning is one of the most common postharvest changes in button mushrooms, which often results in economic losses. Phenolic compounds, which are associated with browning, were extracted from the nonbruised and bruised skin tissue of various button mushrooms with a sulfite-containing solution and analyzed with UHPLC-PDA-MS. In total, 34 phenolic compounds(More)
The natural product Gramicidin S is a promising scaffold for novel oligopeptide-based bisphosphine ligands, combining the advantageous rigid chiral backbone with the close proximity of phosphine substituents. The required unnatural, phosphine-containing, amino acid building blocks were synthesized by means of a novel protocol that involves the(More)
The lipophilic amino acid, (S)-2-aminoundecanoic acid, was synthesized and incorporated at a number of specific positions within the peptide sequence of anoplin. These lipophilic anoplin analogs showed to be more active against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus compared to native anoplin, while the EC50-value of hemolysis was at least one order of(More)
Iminophosphanes are a new group of 1,3-P,N-ligands, readily obtainable from secondary phosphanes and nitrilium ions, having a tunable N-donor site by means of varying the imine substituents. These ligands give, in high yields, monodentate gold complexes and bidentate rhodium and iridium complexes. Crystal structures are reported for both the ligands and the(More)
In search of supramolecular antenna systems for light-harvesting applications, we report on a short and effective synthesis of a fused NDI-zinc-salphen-based chromophore (salphen = bis-salicylimide phenylene) and its photophysical properties. A supramolecular recognition motif is embedded into the chromophoric π-system of this compound. The fused(More)
To maintain the integrity of the genome, multiple DNA repair systems exist to repair damaged DNA. Recognition of altered DNA, including bulky adducts, pyrimidine dimers and interstrand crosslinks (ICL), partially depends on proteins containing helix-hairpin-helix (HhH) domains. To understand how ICL is specifically recognized by the Fanconi anemia proteins(More)