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Here we show that a notion of congruence in statistical structure across 2 0 frequency bands produces a useful definition of visual patterns for perceiving target distinctness. In order to reach such a conclusion, ,firstly, the notion of congruence is used to induce a representational model for 2 0 images. Secondly, the visual-pattern based(More)
In this paper a watershed-based algorithm to segment biomedical digital images into a number of diierent signiicant regions is presented. The proposed algorithm is based on a generalization of the geodesic innuence zone concept. This generalization and the estimation of the involved parameters are described. Once the regions are obtained, we have the(More)
The innocuous transcutaneous stimulation of nerves supplying the outer ear has been demonstrated to be as effective as the invasive direct stimulation of the vagus nerve for the treatment of some neurological and nonneurological disturbances. Thus, the precise knowledge of external ear innervation is of maximal interest for the design of transcutaneous(More)
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