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The Buschke-Loewenstein tumor has a malignant clinical character but is histologically similar to the ordinary condyloma. The tumor grows deeply without invading the tissues, but compresses them and causes an intense inflammatory reaction. The diagnosis is clinical. Treatment with podophyllin and radiotherapy are not effective but bleomycin may be(More)
The presence of citric acid in urine and its ability to bind calcium ions forming a soluble complex are well recognized and has led to the suggestion that citric acid may play an important role in preventing renal calcium stone disease. In this study the 24-hour urinary excretion was measured with a specific enzymatic method in 48 normal subjects and in a(More)
In order to study the effects of the pH and the urine infected by Escherichia coli and Proteus mirabilis on chromic catgut, polyglycolic acid (PGA) and polyglactin 910 (P910), we divided the experiment into three steps. In the first step, the behavior of suture material immersed in sterile urine, urine infected by E. coli and urine infected by P. mirabilis(More)
Ten patients with recurrent nephrolithiasis and hypercalciuria were given rice bran during 60 days. Hypercalciuria was reduced in all patients in an average of 40%. Urinary magnesium was reduced in 28% and oxalate excretion was increased in 28%. The rate of decrease of urinary calcium was 65% in the absorptive type and 33% in the renal type of(More)
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