J. Cedeño Montaño

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The importance of Cryptosporidium species as a cause of diarrhea in the childhood population has increased since the examination of fecal samples has been introduced in microbiological laboratories. A one-year prospective survey carried out on 699 children from rural and urban districts examined at the University Hospital in Salamanca (Spain) revealed 8(More)
The purpose of this paper is to explain an exact derivation of apparent power in n-sinusoidal operation founded on electromagnetic theory, until now unexplained by simple mathematical models. The aim is to explore a new tool for a rigorous mathematical and physical analysis of the power equation from the Poynting Vector (PV) concept. A powerful mathematical(More)
A voltage quality index (VQI) is proposed for evaluation of the voltage quality aspects (QAs) of three-phase voltage signals: instantaneous frequency-deviations, total harmonic distortion and instantaneous symmetrical components. A VQI in the range between 0 to 1 is defined and measured. Accurate measurement of these Qas and VQI are obtained with a virtual(More)
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