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Rhinosporidiosis is a fungal disease caused by the organism Rhinosporidum seeberi. The life cycle and mode of infection are vague, and there are many hypothesis on it. Its prevalence in the world is unique as it is only limited to certain regions like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. We have tried to correlate the various factors, which will probably be(More)
Tuberculosis is one of the most common infections in the world. It is seen that tuberculous otitis media (TOM) is almost secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis. In this review we have tried to deal with all the aspects of the intra cranial complications of TOM such as tuberculoma, otitic hydrocephalus, brain abscess and tuberculous meningitis. The aspects(More)
It is a known fact that every symbol has a unique meaning. In that case what does this unique symbol, Caduceus, which is used, in various forms and modifications, by many medical organizations mean? Is it just a custom or does it have a deeper meaning? The story of this medical symbol started way back in 1400 BC, travelled through time, has undergone many(More)
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