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  • Raul Mostoslavsky, Katrin F. Chua, David B. Lombard, Wendy W. Pang, Miriam R. Fischer, Lionel Gellon +25 others
  • 2006
The Sir2 histone deacetylase functions as a chromatin silencer to regulate recombination, genomic stability, and aging in budding yeast. Seven mammalian Sir2 homologs have been identified (SIRT1-SIRT7), and it has been speculated that some may have similar functions to Sir2. Here, we demonstrate that SIRT6 is a nuclear, chromatin-associated protein that(More)
  • Natalay Kouprina, Adam Pavlicek, Ganeshwaran H Mochida, Gregory Solomon, William Gersch, Young-Ho Yoon +7 others
  • 2004
Primary microcephaly (MCPH) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by global reduction in cerebral cortical volume. The microcephalic brain has a volume comparable to that of early hominids, raising the possibility that some MCPH genes may have been evolutionary targets in the expansion of the cerebral cortex in mammals and especially primates.(More)
The mouse mammary gland may undergo cycles of proliferation, terminal differentiation, tissue remodeling, and more importantly malignant transformation. Mammary epithelial stem cells and their progeny participate in these processes. Mammary epithelial stem cells are multipotent, exhibit properties of self renewal (up to 7 divisions) and may exist either as(More)
Human artificial chromosomes (HACs) provide a unique opportunity to study kinetochore formation and to develop a new generation of vectors with potential in gene therapy. An investigation into the structural and the functional relationship in centromeric tandem repeats in HACs requires the ability to manipulate repeat substructure efficiently. We describe(More)
Accurate variant calling in next generation sequencing (NGS) is critical to understand cancer genomes better. Here we present VarDict, a novel and versatile variant caller for both DNA- and RNA-sequencing data. VarDict simultaneously calls SNV, MNV, InDels, complex and structural variants, expanding the detected genetic driver landscape of tumors. It(More)
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