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The main manifestation of Korsakoff's syndrome is a disproportionate impairment in memory in comparison to other cognitive functions. Most prominent is anterograde amnesia for both verbal and nonverbal information. The marked sensitivity to interference is the main characteristic of memory impairment of these patients. Retrograde amnesia is also a typical(More)
Hyperactivity is a common important group of childhood behaviour problems with great influence on the personal, familiar and social sphere, a better knowledge of which is important. Up to now several explanatory hypotheses have been pointed out. From some time ago, the physiopathological roots of this clinical description has been studied in depth. The(More)
Brain EEG mapping has been recorded during three different conditions, rest closed eyes, rest open eyes, and reading task, in a group of 22 dyslexic children, age mean 9.3 years, range 8-11, and control group of normal readers of the same age. All the subjects were right-handed, and laterality was assessed through the Edinburgh test. The individual maps in(More)
The infantile hyperactivity is a disorder of great significance due to its remarkable after-effects on the family, the school and the individual. According to strict diagnostic criteria the study of the memory in these children who present a well defined disorder of the attention, has been planned. The data show that the mnemonic capacity is primarily kept.(More)
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