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A drinking water distribution system (DWDS) is the final and essential step to supply safe and high-quality drinking water to customers. Biological processes, such as biofilm formation and detachment, microbial growth in bulk water, and the formation of loose deposits, may occur. These processes will lead to deterioration of the water quality during(More)
The Netherlands is one of the few countries where chlorine is not used at all, neither for primary disinfection nor to maintain a residual disinfectant in the distribution network. The Dutch approach that allows production and distribution of drinking water without the use of chlorine while not compromising microbial safety at the tap, can be summarized as(More)
3.1 INTRODUCTION " On the field of battle man is not only a thinking animal, he is a beast of burden. He is given great weights to carry. But unlike the mule, the jeep, or any other carrier, his chief function in war does not begin until the time he delivers that burden to the appointed ground. " (Marshall, 1950) Foot marches can be defined as the movement(More)
Secure Quick Reliable Login (SQRL) is a draft for Single Sign-On (SSO) web authenti-cation using mobile devices. It claims to offer properties that are not provided by related solutions. The principal design goals are to increase the privacy and security of authenticating to websites. Improved privacy is proposed by using random site-specific IDs that can't(More)
A digital identity represents an entity on the Web. Users expect privacy and security together with ease of use regarding control of disclosure of personal information demanded for access to protected resources. Service providers however, expect dependable identities that allow for personalization. Today's increasing activities on the Web urge for(More)
Suriname. Currently aggressive water is treated in Suriname by means of shell filtration. Due to the multi purpose use of shells among which water treatment and soap production, the shells provision is threatened to run out in the long term. Therefore in time the shells will need to be replaced by an alternative conditioning material. Currently at pumping(More)
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