J. C. da S. Lacava

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The expression for the scattering matrix of a dipole embedded in a multilayer planar structure is derived analytically. The structure is excited by an elliptically polarized plane wave incident at an oblique angle. Calculation of the electromagnetic fields present in a four-layer structure is performed in the spectral domain. The scattering matrices of(More)
This paper discusses how the transmission-line model can be used in an introductory course on antennas for the analysis and design of thin rectangular microstrip antennas. As a result of adaptations made to the model, the antenna's electrical parameters are shown to agree very well with experimental data and with simulations performed using commercial(More)
The analysis of XPol suppression techniques in linear arrays reveals that, even though some particular structures can cancel these fields efficiently, the geometrical composition of the entire array affects the side lobe levels. Previous reports have proposed geometries where the Chebyshev SLL control technique is not effective. This work presents a novel(More)
The simulation of the radiation efficiency of CP truncated-corner microstrip antennas is reported in this paper. The application of the Wheeler cap method to TCSMA radiators is only good for estimation purposes, with errors around 10%. However, for the alternate TCRMA topology, designed to operate at the X<inf>in</inf> = 0 condition, the Wheeler method(More)
Abstract— A new strategy for designing probe-fed linearly-polarized thick microstrip antennas is proposed in this work. Symmetrical return loss bandwidth is obtained by designing the patch to operate at the zero input reactance condition (Xin = 0). Applications for a single microstrip element and a linear array of suspended ones are presented. Experimental(More)
This paper describes a model for the analysis of multilayered chiral structures containing planar electric and magnetic scattering elements of arbitrary shape, illuminated by an elliptically polarized plane wave. The particular case of a single chiral layer is analyzed and the scattering matrices for single and dual electric and/or magnetic dipole(More)
This article details an antenna array and a single antenna that were designed in compliance with the requirements of an international competition for engineering students. The flush-mounted, circumferential microstrip array was devised for airborne operation, and a truncated-corner, circularly polarized patch ground-station antenna was designed for the(More)
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