J. C. White

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As the wireless power transfer (WPT) technology has been proved to be a convenient and reliable charging method to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles, the loosely coupled transformer structure and size are the primary and fundamental concern to design an efficient WPT system. In this paper, a double D (DD) coil and a unipolar coil are(More)
There is a need for charging electric vehicles (EVs) wirelessly since it provides a more convenient, reliable, and safer charging option for EV customers. A wireless charging system using a double-sided LCC compensation topology is proven to be highly efficient; however, the large volume induced by the compensation coils is a drawback. In order to make the(More)
Wireless power transfer (WPT) technology as a convenient and reliable charging method, its electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, and its compliance with human electromagnetic exposure limits have recently been studied. Different from the current research, which validates the EMF radiation level of a predesigned WPT system, this paper presents the loosely(More)
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