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A modified quantitative fit testing method has been developed for testing half masks using the TSI PortaCount respirator fit tester. This approach focuses on shortening the time for each exercise during fit testing; however, the shortened protocol is applied only to the very good-fitting masks. For marginal-fitting masks, the testing is carried out(More)
We are in the age of electronic warfare, in which radar and communications technologies are integral components of weapon systems. The development of technologies that advance our ability to execute electronic attack, provide electronic support, and uphold electronic protection on weapon systems is currently a priority within the Department of Defense.(More)
CONTROL OF UNMANNED SYSTEMS Unmanned systems have become a critical element of our nation's defense operations. These systems are enabled by the ability to effect precise control of sophisticated weapon platforms from remote locations. Human operators control these platforms using wireless control systems. Today, much simpler, yet similar wireless controls(More)
A case of cerebral necrosis following radiation and chemotherapy in a patient with metastatic cerebral choriocarcinoma is reported. Computed tomography (EMI Scan) demonstrated evolution and enlargement of the necrotic lesion. This focus was surgically excised and histology is presented. The possible enhancement of radiation necrosis by chemotherapy is(More)
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