J. C. Wagner

D. M. Griffiths4
M. M. Wagner4
R. J. Hill3
D. G. Brown2
4D. M. Griffiths
4M. M. Wagner
3R. J. Hill
2D. G. Brown
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Epidemiological and environmental surveys in the Cappadocian region of Turkey have linked the high incidence of pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma in the occupants of some villages with the zeolite fibres released from the locally occurring volcanic tuff. In view of the low ambient fibre concentrations and the extraordinary incidence of mesothelioma a(More)
Most current computer architectures use a high−speed cache to translate user virtual addresses into physical memory addresses. On machines that require software to implement cache fills and invalidations, the software task is fairly straightforward. In a multi−processor multi−cache configuration, however, where processes are allowed to migrate across(More)
PLEURAL MESOTHEILOMAS are known to be associated with exposure to asbestos in man (Wagner et al. 1960). Intrapleural injection of asbestos has been shown to produce mesotheliomas in rats (Wagner & Berry, 1969). By exploiting this model we have shown that these tumours may be transplanted s.c. into syngeneic rats (Brown et al., 1980). Seven such tumours have(More)
Standard (UICC) crocidolite was subjected to ball milling to reduce the length of the fibre. These milled materials and the original standard sample were injected into the pleural cavity of rats to determine their ability to induce mesothelioma. Previous in vitro work on the same materials had suggested that biological activity was related to fibres greater(More)
EXPERIMENTAL and pathological investigations have shown asbestos to be associated with mesothelioma in animals and man (Wagner & Berry, 1969; Wagner et al., 1960). In man the development of this neoplasm can take as long as 30-40 years after the first exposure to asbestos (Selikoff & Lee, 1978) and a comparable long latency period (18 months to 2 years) is(More)
Tremolite is an amphibole which has been implicated in a variety of disease patterns in different parts of the world. It occurs in a number of phases, which are chemically identical but have specific physical characteristics. In an attempt to clarify the epidemiological findings, tremolite fibres of 3 specific forms--A, B and C--were characterized and(More)
256 Wistar rats received a single injection into the right pleural cavity of UICC crocidolite in order to induce mesotheliomas. They were then given right intrapleural injectons of BCG, crystalline silica, talc, carrageenan or saline (as a control). There was no significant change in the mesothelioma rate in the rats exposed to BCG, silica or talc, but(More)
It has already been established that a single intrapleural inoculation of crystalline silica (quartz) produces malignant lymphomas of histiocytic type (MLHT) in Wistar-derived rats. It has now been shown that after treatment with Min-U-Sil, rats of the Alderley Park strain have a tumour incidence of 35%, whereas the incidence in Agus rats is 5% and in PVG(More)