J C T Sutter

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  • F D Schattiger, J Bauer, T Demsar, J Dekorsy, D H Kleinbauer, J Sutter +8 others
  • 2012
We report a comparative study of carrier dynamics in semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors (SESAMs) containing InGaAs quantum wells and InGaAsN quantum wells (QWs). The static and dynamic reflectivity spectra were measured with a Fourier-transform-infrared-spectrometer and a pump-probe setup, respectively. The influence of rapid thermal annealing (RTA)(More)
We report on an effective cluster expansion of CuBr-linked aggregates by the increase of the steric bulk of the Cp(R) ligand in the pentatopic molecules [Cp(R)Fe(η(5)-P5)]. Using [Cp(BIG)Fe(η(5)-P5)] (Cp(BIG)=C5(4-nBuC6H4)5), the novel multishell aggregate [{Cp(BIG)Fe(η(5:2:1:1:1:1:1)-P5)}12(CuBr)92] is obtained. It shows topological analogy to the(More)
The University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) is a unique beam physics research facility located at the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP), on the University of Maryland, College Park campus. By using a scaled, low-energy 10 keV electron beam, UMER accesses the intense, high-brightness, regime of beam operation in(More)
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