J C Suárez Sandín

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This paper begins by consolidating industrial challenges and research issues concerning Product/Service Systems obtained through various activities by the authors. Based on this, it points out the importance of the holistic view in further research in this area so that PSS providers do not fall into local optimization. The intent of this contribution to our(More)
We describe the present status of an ongoing project to develop a Tandem-ElectroStatic-Quadrupole (TESQ) accelerator facility for Accelerator-Based (AB)-BNCT. The project final goal is a machine capable of delivering 30 mA of 2.4 MeV protons to be used in conjunction with a neutron production target based on the (7)Li(p,n)(7)Be reaction. The machine(More)
Several ion sources have been developed and an ion source test stand has been mounted for the first stage of a Tandem-Electrostatic-Quadrupole facility For Accelerator-Based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy. A first source, designed, fabricated and tested is a dual chamber, filament driven and magnetically compressed volume plasma proton ion source. A 4 mA(More)
This paper shows how a provider of complex hardware with long operation times makes use of a structured methods approach to develop maintenance, repair and overhaul services and improve its service solutions. Service engineering is a methodical approach for the design of service offerings, and can be described by using the dimensions outcome, structure,(More)
Total service solutions may reduce 30-40% of the total product lifecycle cost for a customer. The installed base of capital goods frequently exceeds the annual flow of new products by 10 to 100 times which indicates that total service solutions, also late in long lifecycles have a huge potential for providers, customers and society. The paper identifies 23(More)
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