J C Sousa

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Due to the increased availability of low cost network technology, the use of networks to interconnect sensors, actuators and controllers is now widely accepted. Such increased availability is one of the driving factors for the implementation of smart sensor networks. To ensure the correctness of the supported applications, the communication network must(More)
PURPOSE To report an uncommon case of a 29-year-old Caucasian male diagnosed with unilateral choroidal neovascularization (CNV) secondary to punctate inner choroidopathy leading to visual impairment. METHODS This is a retrospective and descriptive case report based on data from clinical records, patient observation and analysis of ancillary diagnostic(More)
Counting the number of Collembola in digital images is a routine task in laboratories of soil ecotoxicology. This process is based on a direct visual identification of Collembola, and is consequently a time consuming task. This paper present a fully automatic system for counting the number of Collembola in digital images. The system selects the interest(More)
This paper presents guidelines for the accurate evaluation of harmonics and flicker generated by ac electric arc furnaces, and its propagation through transmission and distribution systems. It is presented a typical case where a HV system supplies a high capacity arc furnace. The electrical network is simulated using the ATP version of the EMTP where a(More)
In epilepsy persistence of seizures, despite appropriate pharmacological therapy, motivates referral to surgery of epilepsy, currently the most effective treatment. Because surgery is not indicated for all patients, search for alternative therapies is ongoing. Preliminary data suggests the potential benefit of sensory-motor rhythm modulation on the(More)
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