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A suprasellar location of a benign choroid plexus papilloma is reported. Local recurrence within the fourth ventricle was also present, 8 years after apparently complete removal. Imaging and histological findings were similar to those of the initial lesion. At surgery, the suprasellar lesion had no connection with the ventricular system. Seeding of choroid(More)
New techniques to stabilize and correct the thoracic and lumbar spine have been developed in recent years. In view of the wide variety and complexity of fixation devices, the optimum configuration of spinal instrumentation systems needs to be defined. Linear and angular measurements of both vertebral pedicles were made in ten complete thoracic and lumbar(More)
 Neurenteric cysts are cystic lesions lined by a columnar epithelium of endodermal derivation. They are rarely located in the central nervous system. We describe the case history of two recurrent neurenteric cysts located within the posterior fossa: one in the 4th ventricle and the second in the cerebellopontine angle. The literature is reviewed and the(More)
Neurenteric cysts are cystic masses lined by a columnar epithelium of endodermal origin. They are rare in the central nervous system. We report two neurenteric cysts in the posterior cranial fossa and describe their neuroradiological features. The lesions were of low density on CT and more accurately delineated on MRI. They gave the same signal as(More)
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