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Skeletal muscle has been examined in a colony of the mdx strain of myopathic mice. Sixty-five mice from 22 to 303 days of age, showed extensive and recurrent areas of necrosis and regeneration of muscle fibres, often accompanied by active cellular infiltration. Morphometry of the soleus muscle revealed an abnormal proportion of small and large muscle(More)
Normal muscle precursor cells, prepared by the enzymatic disaggregation of neonatal mouse muscle, were implanted into an area of regenerating muscle in a genetically different inbred strain. This was done in an attempt to determine, first, whether donor muscle precursor cells prepared in this way would fuse with the developing muscle fibres of the host; and(More)
We have attempted to use allografts of normal muscle precursor cells (mpc) to insert donor nuclei, containing a normal genome, into growing or regenerating skeletal muscle fibres of mice with an inherited deficiency of the enzyme phosphorylase kinase (PhK). Analysis of the glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (GPI) isoenzymes of treated muscles showed that(More)
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