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Skeletal muscle has been examined in a colony of the mdx strain of myopathic mice. Sixty-five mice from 22 to 303 days of age, showed extensive and recurrent areas of necrosis and regeneration of muscle fibres, often accompanied by active cellular infiltration. Morphometry of the soleus muscle revealed an abnormal proportion of small and large muscle(More)
A sequential study of 180 allografts of minced skeletal muscle has been made in mice, in 124 of which tolerance was induced. The host/donor composition of grafts was assessed in terms of their content of isoenzymes of glucose-6-phosphate isomerase characteristic of host and donor strains. From 0-5 days implanted muscle fibre fragments uniformly underwent(More)
Normal muscle precursor cells, prepared by the enzymatic disaggregation of neonatal mouse muscle, were implanted into an area of regenerating muscle in a genetically different inbred strain. This was done in an attempt to determine, first, whether donor muscle precursor cells prepared in this way would fuse with the developing muscle fibres of the host; and(More)
Mesangial deposits of IgA, occurring in the absence of systemic disease known to be associated with nephritis, were detected by immunofluorescence microscopy in renal biopsy specimens from 25 patients (4% of 630 specimens studied). Associated deposits of C3 were always present, usually with IgG, but IgM deposits were less common and C1q was never seen. On(More)