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In this work, new structures based on the PN junction are presented for the design of integrated varactors. In order to optimize the ratio capacitance per unit area (C/A), two varactor geometries have been developed: interdigitated and cross structures. Varactors have been characterized with a specific measurement methodology. A library of varactors that(More)
INTRODUCTION Cerebral infarction (CI) can be classified aetiologically in several different ways using explicit diagnostic criteria. However, the extent to which these diagnostic criteria are actually implemented in clinical practice is unknown. Aims. The aim of this study was to analyse the management and use of diagnostic tests in the aetiological(More)
Optimal hearing is one goal of otologic surgery. This study examines the long-term functional success rate of cartilage as graft material for ossicular chain reconstruction in type III tympanoplasty. A retrospective review of seventy-nine patients having undergone type III tympanoplasty (53 with closed techniques and 26 with open techniques) was made.(More)
Histological demonstration of sarcoidosis affecting the paranasal sinus is rare in the clinical practice. In this paper, we present a case with a diagnosis of lupus pernio with extensive involvement of the nasal cavity and the right maxillary sinus. Long before being diagnosed as having lupus pernio, the patient had had a long history of nasal obstruction(More)
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