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BACKGROUND Described by Theodore Leber in 1916, this syndrome is characterized by unilateral visual loss, optic disc swelling and a stellate pattern of exudative deposits in the macula. MATERIAL AND METHODS Two young adults were examined for sudden unilateral visual loss preceded by a flu-like syndrome. Fundus examination revealed a swollen optic disc and(More)
Preretinal arterial loops are congenital vascular anomalies that originate from a main branch of the central retinal artery on the optic disc. These arterial loops are usually unilateral and asymptomatic, but they can be associated with retinal artery branch occlusion. We report one case of inferior temporal retinal artery occlusion in a patient with(More)
The progression of field loss was determined by Humphrey Automated threshold perimetry in the short and intermediate term after surgical trabeculectomy for chronic glaucoma: mean indices (MD, PSD et FOV) were studied before and after normalisation of the intraocular pressure. Risk factors such as secondary glaucoma, previous visual field defects and(More)
A case of deep traumatic keratomycosis due to Aspergillus fumigatus with anterior chamber involvement is reported. Corneal perforation was threatening because of the large deep and long standing ulcer. This case emphasizes the difficulties of etiological diagnosis and treatment of keratomycosis. The authors analyse the peculiarities of corneal mycotic(More)
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