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GaN devices exhibit excellent potential for use in many RF applications. However, commercial acceptance of the technology has been hindered by the scarcity and non-statistical nature of reliability results. In this work we present a full device level reliability study of GaN-on-Si HFETs. Reliability results on this technology include three-temperature DC(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the permittivity and conductivity of cancerous and normal tissues, their correlation to the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), and the specificity that they could add to cancer detection. THEORY Breast and prostate carcinomas were induced in rats. Conductivity and permittivity measurements were performed in the anesthetized(More)
Fifty percent of the earth's population lives within 60 kms of the shoreline. So preventing or mitigating against coastal or estuary flooding is important, especially because of the predicted sea level rise from climate change. A key calculation in simulating flooding over an estuary is hydrodynamic flux, but typically this is complex and tedious to compute(More)
This paper provides an overview of the Nitronex power transistor process and discusses in detail the approaches taken to optimize performance for 28V linear applications. More specifically, key process performance metrics are traced through several generations of baseline process, highlighting some of the challenges met along the way, and concluding with a(More)
A hazard situation during normal can-filling operations on pressure-packed container products is described. Under certain conditions and with certain products, accidental damage to the container resulted in charge separation between the container and the product being expelled under pressure. The cause of electrostatic charge separation was investigated,(More)
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