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This paper deals with the problem of assessing the reliability of programs written using structured programming techniques and having undergone a certain amount of testing. A program is said to be verified if, for a given set of tests it can be shown that every case of interest has been tested. As this end is, however, unattainable, we will consider, in the(More)
Promoting CAD techniques within industry encounters usually three stumbling blocks: - the use of conventional computer tools requires acquaintance with intricate “indications for use” with too much of a computer flavor. Potential users are reluctant to accept this “unnecessary” burden which might make their job more difficult and(More)
The broadcasting channel towards mobile receivers, especiallv in a dense urban area, is particularly hostile,which makes th'e transmission of high bit rate very challenging. The conjunction of an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM technique and a convolutional coding scheme (associated to a Viterbi decoding al orithm) is ,a promising solution(More)
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