J. C. Personné

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The acid waters (pH = 2.73–3.4) that originate from the Carnoulès mine tailings (France) are known for their very high concentrations of As (up to 10,000 mg l−1) and Fe (up to 20,000 mg l−1). To analyze the composition of the archaeal community, (their temporal variation inside the tailing and spatial variations all along the Reigous Creek, which drains the(More)
The Carnoulès mine is an extreme environment located in the South of France. It is an unusual ecosystem due to its acidic pH (2–3), high concentration of heavy metals, iron, and sulfate, but mainly due to its very high concentration of arsenic (up to 10 g L−1 in the tailing stock pore water, and 100–350 mg L−1 in Reigous Creek, which collects the acid mine(More)
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