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OBJECTIVE To report the short-term (1 year) and long-term (5 years) outcome of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) with subthalamic nucleus (STN) stimulation operated upon under controlled general anaesthesia (GA). METHODS 213 consecutive patients with PD were included between January 2000 and March 2009 and operated upon under a particular type of GA(More)
Stereotactic radiosurgery is an alternative to conventional surgery for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. To better define the safety of radiosurgery and optimal technical choices, we reviewed our patient records and the literature. A total of 334 patients presenting with trigeminal neuralgia were treated between December 1992 and September 2005. A(More)
BACKGROUND There is growing interest in the use of radiosurgery in epilepsy. We analyzed our experience in this field in an attempt to define the potential of radiosurgery in epileptology. MATERIAL AND METHODS [corrected] Our local clinical experience (134 patients), accumulated over the last 15 years, mainly includes treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy(More)
INTRODUCTION Parkinsonian dysarthria can alter oral communication of the patients in the long-term. Subthalamic nucleus (STN) stimulation represents an interesting therapeutic option, although it does not seem to improve axial signs, of which dysarthric speech. The objective of our study was to contribute to the evaluation of STN stimulation effects on(More)
INTRODUCTION Preservation of functional hearing can be now attempted during the surgical treatment of a vestibular schwannomas. The probability of functional hearing preservation for each of the neurosurgical approaches is currently under evaluation. We report here a preliminary evaluation of our radiosurgical experience. MATERIAL AND METHOD In(More)
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