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BACKGROUND During subclavian vein catheterization, the most common misplacement of the catheter is cephalad, into the ipsilateral internal jugular vein (IJV). This can be detected by chest radiography. However, after any repositioning of the catheter, subsequent chest radiography is required. In an effort to simplify the detection of a misplaced subclavian(More)
BVR photometric and quasi-simultaneous optical spectroscopic observations of the star HD 81032 have been carried out during the years 2000 2004. A photometric period of 18.802 ± 0.07 d has been detected for this star. A large group of spots with a migration period of 7.43 ± 0.07 years is inferred from the first three years of the data. Hα and Ca II H and K(More)
We present a multiwavelength study of three chromospherically active stars, namely FR Cnc (= BD +161753), HD 95559 and LO Peg (=BD +224409), including newly obtained optical photometry, low-resolution optical spectroscopy for FR Cnc, as well as archival IR and X-ray observations. The BVR photometry carried out during the years 2001 2004 has found(More)
We present the UBV RcIc broad band optical photometry of the Type Ic supernova SN 2002ap obtained during 2002 February 06 – March 23 in the early decline phases and also later on 2002 15 August. Combining these data with the published ones, the general light curve development is studied. The time and luminosity of the peak brightness and the peak width are(More)
The Interstitial Free (IF) grade steel sheets are used for auto body applications where these sheets require good formability/drawability property. To achieve this property the cold rolled sheets are annealed to obtain desirable texture in the recrystallised grains to avoid material failure during forming operation. The paper deals with an ultrasonic(More)
We report the discovery of a component in an XMM-Newton satellite light curve of the BL Lacertae object S5 0716+714 which shows quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) of ∼30 minutes. Both periodogram and wavelet analyses give consistent results. This quasi-period is similar to those found recently in high quality optical light curves of the same object. This(More)
We report the observations of X-ray oscillations during the flare in a cool active star ξ Boo for the first time. ξ Boo was observed by EPIC/MOS of XMM-Newton satellite. The X-ray light curve is investigated with wavelet and periodogram analyses. Both analyses clearly show oscillations of the period of ∼ 1019 s. We interpret these oscillations as a(More)
We conducted a multi-wavelength campaign in September-October, 2002, to observe SS 433. We used 45 meter sized 30 dishes of Giant Meter Radio Telescope (GMRT) for radio observation, 1.2 meter Physical Research Laboratory Infra-red telescope at Mt Abu for IR, 1 meter Telescope at the State Observatory, Nainital for Optical photometry, 2.3 meter optical(More)