J. C. Ordonez

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This paper presents an approach to performing real-time co-simulation of electro-thermal coupled power systems for aiding the design of future all-electric Navy ships. The goal is to study the transient interactions between the electrical and the thermal sub-systems. The approach utilizes the existing large scale real-time simulation capabilities of(More)
We introduce a general computational model for all-electric ships and internal compartments (open and closed domains) that contain heat sources and sinks. A simplified physical model, which combines principles of classical thermodynamics and heat transfer, is developed and the resulting threedimensional (3D) differential equations are discretized in space(More)
This work presents a simplified mathematical model for fast visualization and thermal simulation of complex and integrated energy systems that is capable of providing quick responses during system design. The tool allows for the determination of the resulting whole system temperature and relative humidity distribution. For that, the simplified physical(More)
Recent advances in sensor and weapons systems are significantly increasing the electrical power that is required and the thermal loads that must be dissipated onboard US Navy ships. Thus, design tools and methods must bring detailed consideration of all disciplines early in the design process, including electrical, thermal and controls in addition to the(More)