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Reliably predicting vegetation distribution requires habitat distribution models (HDMs) that are ecologically sound. Current correlative HDMs are increasingly criticized because they lack sufficient functional basis. To include functional information into these models, we integrated two concepts from community ecology into a new type of HDM. We(More)
This paper presents an approach to performing real-time co-simulation of electro-thermal coupled power systems for aiding the design of future all-electric Navy ships. The goal is to study the transient interactions between the electrical and the thermal subsystems. The approach utilizes the existing large scale real-time simulation capabilities of(More)
Capacity control of a chiller with multiple variable-speed centrifugal compressors running in parallel between a common evaporator and condenser under reduced load conditions can be achieved by speed variation and/or adjusting the number of compressors in operation. Quite often there is not a unique solution for a specific part-load condition in terms of(More)
— Recent advances in sensor and weapons systems are significantly increasing the electrical power that is required and the thermal loads that must be dissipated onboard US Navy ships. Thus, design tools and methods must bring detailed consideration of all disciplines early in the design process, including electrical, thermal and controls in addition to the(More)